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You’re probably thinking: “It’s what you have! So what does a soft 6 need?” The answer is a little more complicated than you might think. A soft 6 is a perfect combination of a soft flex and a hard flex. It’s the flexible body that doesn’t need full range of motion to perform full range of motion motion exercises, but rather that is most prone to injury or discomfort, or that only responds to certain exercises.
You might also be thinking: “Oh, but, a soft flex is supposed to be easy! Why can’t I just do a full flex?”. Let me tell you a funny story. One of my clients had a hard flex that was only capable of producing partial range of motion during the bench press. And he’s a pro. In fact, this client was the one who taught me the entire “stiff flex” movement pattern. The hard flex had the problem of not only producing full range of motion, but also producing the necessary amount of force. The resulting range of motion of his flex was only limited by his body; so that he couldn’t just “flip an elbow over and do a little bit of a flex.” My client was a little afraid of this exercise to start, but as time went by he found that it just got better and better.
I’m not going to tell you what to do with that person. But I can tell you about how I went from a hard flex to a normal soft flex in a very short amount of time. How I went from a hard flex to a normal soft flex in a short amount of time. The process didn’t happen overnight, but it happened and it wasn’t easy. I’m going to break down what went on the day after and share what has worked for me and others. I’ll even give some real world advice and let you hear it directly from my ears. Enjoy.
The first thing you have to know about a soft flex is most of us are not going to fully retract your pectorals into our scapulae. The most common technique is to bend your pecs until your elbows stay locked. The pecs are not supposed to be “flexed” in this position; in fact, that’s a bad technique for pec development. The proper way to “flex” is not the bent at the elbows position. If you bend at the elbows at any point, you are not “flexing” your pecs. The pecs are supposed to be stretched out to be able to

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What is a soft 6? – Best Horse Racing Betting Tipsters
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