What is a racing nap? – Horse Racing Entries Search

It sounds so simple: sleep for more than four hours or stay awake for four or more hours. You might think, “The world is always full of interesting things, and I can’t remember what I did in the afternoon!” You’d be right, but I don’t remember all my favorite times and the reason may surprise you: You really cannot remember the rest of the day, or your night. A racing nap may allow you more time to savor what you’ve missed.

Do you know what a racing nap is?

It’s a rest or relaxation break. It can consist of walking, dancing, reading, gardening, going to the park, or even just taking a nap or two — it doesn’t have to be long, it just needs to be brief. Once in a while, take a nap of just a few minutes to allow your body the time to recover. Your muscles will take a break, and you’ll be able to concentrate more easily.

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What’s a racetrack nap?

In this case, it’s just getting out of bed and stretching. You’ll usually find your favorite spot and get off your pillow and start stretching. After a few minutes, you’ll get comfortable, and you might choose to lay down, but you may want to consider getting on your knees to stretch, or your pillow, too. Just don’t sit down at a racetrack!

What if I’ve been to such a racetrack before?

There’s nothing in your body better (or faster) than a good nap right before a race, so do some searching for if it’s possible in your area.

What’s a racing nap?

A racing nap is a relaxing break. It’s not a marathon, and it won’t make you a faster runner. If it would, you’d probably need to eat a bunch and run an hour or more a day all year round. You may be able to go to another day without taking a nap.

Which is better: a racing nap or a vacation?

A racing nap is probably better than a vacation. You’ll be less stressed, more relaxed, and able to relax on your own.

Are there any health benefits to racing or a sleep walk?

Yes, but only if both are tried together. A race is a stressful time, especially when you’re trying to beat the clock. A sleep walk helps to relax and focus

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What is a racing nap? – Horse Racing Entries Search
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