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A racing nap is a time when your brain is working on a high. During this time, the part of the brain responsible for reasoning and planning should be alert. The other part of the brain, usually the part that processes spatial information, will be idle.

This is why you don’t need to be in the gym the whole day โ€“ your brain has the time to switch off, focusing on all the different things at hand, but you won’t notice that a mile up the track you’re not even thinking about running away, nor do you know about any other distractions. This is a perfect time to look into your surroundings and get your brain to work on high alert.

What is a racing nap?

As you may have guessed, racing naps happen all the time, without any special training. Just go outside and take a break. No training necessary, the body just needs a few hours to switch off so the brain can relax and focus on the task at hand. Your mind will be ready for the next race.

You can try racing naps on a treadmill or bike, even on your own if you feel more comfortable than standing in a hot sun.

Why is this important?

A racing nap is a time to recharge mentally. In time you should gain the ability to function well both during practice and in competition. Even if your physical performance is not high but your mental performance is high you can still do very well if you rest your brain.

Your body will work better with fresh energy than you can with tired energy; your brain will naturally be better as it will be refreshed by rest.

You should have a racing nap every night and keep your racing day free of distractions like watching TV, internet or shopping. The best results will come from racing on a track. The best time to race isn’t anytime on the track, it comes a few hours after the race. Do your best with this special time you have for racing.

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What is a racing nap? – Betfair
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