What is a layup in basketball? – Horse Racing On Tv April 7

It is when a player is in the open area facing the basket only with his back to the basket. This is the position a player usually would shoot or defend. In the NBA, a layup typically occurs when the player is open.

I want to take you through one of the best layups in basketball history. A basketball fan might say, “Geez, it’s just one man’s opinion.” So, let’s look at the real history and evaluate the man who made the play.

As you look at the above video, do you recognize this guy? He is Shaquille O’Neal. Well, he was not Shaq. In fact, his name was Tim Thomas and he played for the Washington Wizards from 2006-2010. He never won a NBA championship, but he has won two NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, one Finals MVP Award, three NBA Defensive Player of the Year Awards and won two NBA Finals MVP awards. He also set the stage for a lot of NBA teams and will forever be the face of NBA teams in the modern era.

What an honor it is to have this opportunity to sit down with Shaq in a two-hour conversation about one of the most iconic plays in all of modern basketball. Check it out.

Shaq’s Story

Forbes: Let’s start with who you are?

Tim Thomas: I’m a writer and journalist, and I run the website “Shaqtin’ A Lot” [shaqtinlague.com].

Forbes: What is “Shaqtin’ A Lot”?

Tim: We’re a website for fans who love Shaquille O’Neal and want to talk to him during his annual vacation.

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Forbes: Who are your favorite members of your life?

Tim: My biggest favorite is Michael Jordan, because nobody talks like that. All the other people are not as nice as he is.

Forbes: Do you feel that there are a lot of things that you have taken from Michael Jordan?

Tim: Not so much, actually. It is hard for me to even think of anything, because I’m in constant motion.

Forbes: In what ways did you come to Michael Jordan’s level of basketball intellect?

Tim: There are definitely many things and he is the only guy that I’ve ever met who was smart enough to have all his brain cells working simultaneously.

Forbes: What’s your

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What is a layup in basketball? – Horse Racing On Tv April 7
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