What is a doubles bet? – Horse Racing Betting Tips And Tricks

A doubles bet is a bet that pays out if a team loses by two runs or more. For example, in baseball, if your team’s starting pitcher hits a home run in your team’s fourth at-bat of the game, the bet will pay out if your team loses by the same amount. A runner on base also gets paid in his team’s first or second at-bat, respectively. These bonuses usually range from 3 to 10 percent of the loser’s score.

When are Double Bets Pushed?

Unlike home runs, however, doubles bets are not pushed out by a pitcher’s decision to strike out or walk, as long as it is intentional. Instead, pitchers are forced to decide whether to hit a double that is just below the center of the strike zone or the one on the foul line, a decision made before the ball is struck.

When a double or triple is played out, there is no penalty for the losing team. But the winning team still collects the double or triple even if it is a blown call.

What Is the Odds of Double and Triple Bets?

Double and triple bets are considered more rare than home run and single-game bets in baseball. For example, only 12 percent of MLB games are played with eight runs or more. And while the chances of a double or triple going up in a game are about 1 in 16, the odds of a homer going up are about one in 500, even though it almost always pays out.

In short, the odds of winning a double or triple are low compared to home runs because you’re guaranteed a base hit, the odds of losing are high, and there’s little margin for error in the field.

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What is a doubles bet? – Horse Racing Betting Tips And Tricks
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