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Weight is a measurement of an animal’s height and weight. Horse racing is competitive and requires lots of skill and strength. It is also a sport with a very large amount of testosterone in its blood stream. The higher the level of testosterone the higher the amount of physical strength and muscular power that the horse needs to pull the racing lines on the course. As we know a higher testosterone or higher sex hormones will result in a stronger and more athletic horse.

Horse breeders usually look for horses that are in a strong enough condition to race at a young age but not quite ready for their first race.

There are two types of weights with age:

Adult male – weight from a year old to 20 years old

Female – weight from a year old to 2 years old

How much weight should I weigh?

Horses have a maximum weight. At any point in time they weigh up to 12 times their height; or 12 times their weight.

What is my age?
2016 Preakness Stakes: 2 horses died during the first 4 ...

The age is calculated by taking the total height and weight of a horse at the start of a race. This age is called a lifetime, or the age of the oldest horse in the race. This information is usually reported by both the race official and the race announcer. The race official will typically give the horse’s age when they know the age of the oldest horses. The age of the oldest was given when the horse was the youngest. However, one horse often stands out at a race and gives the age of the oldest at the track. When racing horses, you should be aware of this. Some people think that if the oldest is the oldest at the track, it means the older horse is a better option for the race because it has more experience, or “mature.” However, these horses have an average age of 4-5 years old, and this usually means the race winner will be a novice who will be less experienced. It is better for the racing fan to think of it as having the oldest being the most experienced at the track.

Do I need to check the age of a horse before the race?

No. There are no safety requirements. Each track has specific rules to be followed at each race. At some tracks it is strictly enforced to age the horses up to the race or age a horse as a reserve. At other tracks, especially those where the owner of a horse must compete with the track owner to get the horse, it is considered fair. This means

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What does weight for age mean in horse racing? – Tvg Horse Racing Login Site
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