What does NAP mean in horses? – Remington Park Horse Racing Schedule 2019 1040

There are a number of different meanings for this word in horse culture. The earliest recorded usage is in an Anglo-Saxon poem by the ninth century, where the horse “must obey his will. He thinks and fights only for his master.” The meaning of “must” in modern English is much more flexible. A common and widespread meaning for NAP as a verb is “to do something with” or “to act out” without regard to what the action is. Thus, in English, you can get NAP as the verb “must” which implies doing something without regard to what the action is. However, the phrase “to act NAP” is usually reserved for situations that are completely determined by the horse’s will.

The phrase “to act NAP” is often used as an expression of disgust with a person, place, thing, or performance (see the example below). If the NAP implies behavior that is totally determined by the horse’s will, one should generally avoid using it unless the meaning is clear.
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What does NAP mean in horses? – Remington Park Horse Racing Schedule 2019 1040
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