What does it mean to handicap a horse race? – Los Alamitos Horse Racing Tips

The handicap system is a system that allows each contestant in a horse racing course to change the handicap of the horse on the racecourse and that means that they can set a handicap for the racecourse just once every round. By setting a handicap for a racecourse, a horse can play the same game, but this gives the horse more chance to score good points.

There are several types of handicaps in this system:

• Race track handicaps (one handicap in particular: the race track handicap)

• Race track handicap limit

• Horse racing handicap limit (a horse’s handicap when he is on a racecourse at the end of a racecourse season)

• In the racecourse handicap limit, there is a limit of four times that the handicap can be raised or lowered during a racecourse season.

To gain an advantage, the horse must:

• Hold any of the four races (in a different race track, for instance) in his range or in his handicap zone. This means that the horse does not have to go the whole distance to be considered handicapped in any of those races (a racecourse is a “set up” for the handicap-raising races, it’s a “pre-race routine”, hence they are considered as two separate races for the purpose of the handicap system).

• Make at least one effort on each set of five races, in order to gain at least the minimum required points for the two highest races. By playing the same game each time, the horse is given a lot of chances to gain points on the other end of the horses time. The horse must not make too many runs each day, otherwise he will not have the opportunity to score good points in these races.

In fact, if the horse plays only one set of five races before he gets the opportunity to score good points in a new race, it is considered a double-tailed run. Also, when a rider rides one of the racehorses, he may also raise or lower a racehorse’s handicap in that race but only one time by making that change. Since horses cannot race a distance in one half of an hour, it is not possible to raise a horse’s handicap during a running or a jumping race, it should be set to a maximum when riding another horse (or when a rider hits the starting post of his own race). If the animal is

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What does it mean to handicap a horse race? – Los Alamitos Horse Racing Tips
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