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This is a question I’m all too familiar with.

By handicapping a horse, I think we can all accept that there are horses that have the potential to be good, that can be dominant at a given time, but that they cannot be beaten by someone who has the potential to beat them in one-upmanship.

In 2008, the horse “Tuck” did not win the Kentucky Derby. In fact, Tuck finished fifth in the race, the worst finish for a first-time winner since 1952. He was the seventh best bet for the Kentucky Oaks, and I think it was probably good for “Tuck” and his career that the horse was not considered to be a top 1% bet, which is how the odds are currently spread. I’m a fan of all these stats; by handicapping, we are taking into consideration which horses are good enough to be at least a good bet in the 1% and not just as good as everyone else.

By handicapping, we can take a big swing, not to mention a bigger gamble.

How to handicap:

First, I’ll lay the bets. You are betting about 60 – 75 horses for each race. For example, if a horse is 15 pts. off, then that horse is at least $30 in your books. That would be around $750.

I’ll do the math for you.

$150 is 15 / 60.

$15 / 60 = 0.25.

0.25/60 = $6.25

So for 30 horses (15/60), you will spend around $10,000 in 30-day time or $60 per horse. Again, I know that sounds like a lot at first, but it really isn’t, at least not in this case (I really am not taking the money out of the book in my books).

I think if you are looking to have something of a chance of betting the horse that you are looking for in a race, this is a great setup. I do it all the time!

By handicapping, you not only have a chance to get the best odds in horses, you have a slight edge over everyone else.

How to make a bet:

Now that you have your money, it’s time to decide which horse you want to put your money on. You can go with all six horses in the field or you can have one or two. By

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What does it mean to handicap a horse race? – Horse Racing Tips Gg
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