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A soft track is the highest pitch of the song, and for this reason, it will often sound more mellow and in the way a bassist would listen to it than one might for a harder version. If it doesn’t hit your ears like you remember it does, then there’s a pretty safe, unmusical way: “the melody, as long it’s the same tone and you get a clean sound out of it, it’s not too hard.”

I hear these two kinds of tracks, which sounds to me like a good compromise between a soft and hard track, on “Lonesome Day,” a song by The Black Keys that was released in 2014. To some extent, a soft track is a softer song than a harder; the keys are so soft you don’t have to worry about them getting too loud and you’ve left them somewhat soft that the sound will be a bit muffled but will still feel and sound good. If “Lonesome Day’s” main melody is that kind of melody, then I like it. To hear the main melody hit, you have to have the right volume level—and in this instance, you need to have a clear, bright stereo. That’s something you can use to find out where the song needs a clearer sound to hit. There are so many factors to consider in determining how much and how often to push a track, but if you have this in mind before you start, it will be a lot easier to decide on a track’s hard-to-reach areas.
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With that in mind I decided to compare several songs, a soft/hard split, with the same piano and percussion, and I was shocked with what I found. First, I compared most of the tracks to the one I’ve been using, and if I had to single out any of the others, it would have to be “In My Head,” which is about a young boy with a crush on a girl. This track uses a hard, mellow track on the vocal, which is the only difference I noticed between this track and other ones, most of which use what I would call a soft, melodic key—so-called piano-piano-piano keys—that sound great. Now, it’s not a ton of difference—in fact, most of my track comparisons are actually very close. What is important is that, for this song, I have added a little more to sound the same, whether that’s lowering the volume or boosting certain sounds to

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What does a soft track mean? – Horse Racing Odds Payouts Calculator
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