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Human beings are divided into three major races: Nords, Argonians, and Orcs.

These races have a common origin, which is the Skyrim continent. They are also a common enemy.

How do I be a Nord?

You must be born a Nord. You must follow the order of the Emperor. You will then earn your title as a Nord Warrior.

Are there any weapons that I have been told are better than the common weapons?

There are several different types of weapons, each made better and more valuable due to the influence of specific items:

Daedric (requires Alduin’s Sword and Amulet of Mara)

Destructive or powerful weapons.

Dragonbone or dragonbone heavy weapons, such as Falmer spears.

Elven or Elven leveled weapons.

Steel or steel heavy and weapon enchantments.

These weapons can do more damage, are stronger, can be enchanted, and have higher enchantments at level up.

Dragon Bones are superior to steel because they do not decay.

How much does each race bring to a fight?

The race of most importance is your character’s class. This determines the race by which you are most likely to be affected by your race.

A Nord of either race is a Nord Warrior.

You will want to be the Nord warrior’s preferred class, since as a Nord your racial stats are better than any other class’ and because the stats of a race are more than offset by the base class bonuses.

However, many races are not all they are cracked up to be. Many are not even suitable as a main class. It is best to think carefully and research race options.

I have read that Argonians cannot fight. Can I be like them?

Yes. Argonians are only known as the ‘Scourge’. They are feared and hated, they have a terrible temper and their own deadly skills. When they become known as ‘Cursed’ they become almost entirely useless.[/list]

It’s possible to become a mage, as many other races do, but it has very little to do with your race’s skill level.

Can I be Orcish or Dunmer?

Yes. This means being from either the Altmer or Khajiit factions.

The former (or ‘Altmer’) is the easiest to play, but because it is a racial trait, it requires

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What are the 3 human races? – Sky Sports Horse Racing Tips
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