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The answer in the first two cases will determine what the fourth-round pick becomes.

Tune in tomorrow night, when the Bears host the Falcons, for the next episode: The draft in five words.

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NEW YORK — On Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it will release its new animal welfare standards for American farmers within days — just as consumers begin watching to see if the new standards are tougher or if they will be better.

But that doesn’t mean they’re better.

They are tougher: tougher standards, tougher enforcement. They are more restrictive of a variety of things farmers do, like giving animals medication, letting them work longer hours, putting them in a tiny cage when they’re pregnant. And they are significantly more harsh than before — and there’s no reason that changes wouldn’t hurt — especially after it was first announced.

Here’s what’s at stake:

There will be a greater chance of animal injuries, illnesses or deaths if there’s a failure to meet humane standards.

Animal welfare standards allow a broader range of ways to minimize the risk for animals. But the regulations do not specify what kind of food animals can be kept but don’t specify how they can be humanely handled. If livestock are too confined, so much can happen.

Consider the case of a baby piglet’s mother who was pregnant. The mother’s weight was 3 kg, at a weight of about 0.8 kg. But one week before she gave birth, the sow started to get diarrhea. She was so ill that she couldn’t stand. The sow was not being raised properly. The vet was not taking care of her.

“The sow could have died,” said the vet.

But because the sow was not being raised properly, the sow got to be killed.

She was euthanized in June 2001
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In 2001, the USDA ruled that her death could not be reviewed for animal welfare and the USDA said it doesn’t take “further action because the USDA did not have adequate veterinary records to determine (the sow’s) humanely treated status.”

But a lot has changed in that period. One thing still didn’t change: the decision not to take action.

There were more humane alternatives to euthanasia. The USDA said two options would have left pigs alive. One was not to kill the baby mother, but to take her out with the sow but to prevent the sow from trying to

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Is Lucky 15 a good bet? – Frankie Dettori Horse Racing Nation
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