How does a trifecta work?

A trifecta should not be confused with a trifecta that consists of a single flower. Flowers are only part of a trifecta. Like a single flower, a trifecta contains flowers, seeds and leaves. When all the parts are growing in the same amount of soil and growing close together in the same time frame, the resulting plants tend to form a single plant, the trifecta. Trifecta has two meanings: a “double” or triple trifalte, and the scientific term for such a double or triple trifalte plant can be called a triumvirate.

Trifultas that are not tetraploid or trifertinae require special preparation. The following steps are needed:

• First, determine your family tree. This can be done by identifying three generations back of your ancestors. Some people know their tree more than others based on family history and others rely on looking at photos of their tree.

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• You should select a species that your family is not allergic to. If you are not sensitive to a particular species or are concerned about allergic sensitivities you should not grow them.

• You will need to have a good seed source and plan on obtaining several different seed. You can use a seed bank, or one that you can get your seeds out of (your local Cooperative Extension office is very helpful for these types of seed banks). You can also buy seeds from a local nursery or seed company.

• You will probably need a good soil that is not too clayey. This will help protect the seeds and keep them in their natural habitat.

• A good place to dig is a nice place with nice soil, but not too hard ground.

• You will need to take some seeds (a few dozen to 20 or 50) to a well drained well and let them dry on the bottom of the well for a few weeks.

• If one plant grows out, you will want to grow those plants side by side and cut off the outer stems by a few inches. If you have a lot of plants, you can plant them close together in your garden and you will be able to grow them in a similar fashion. If you have a limited amount of space or you have a lot of seeds, you can plant them out at a distance away, either using cloches or the trellis. You will need to remove the outer leaves as you plant out the

How does a trifecta work?
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