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You try to read the name; you read the number, number of rows. One of the things you learn is how the race cards are made. In the USA, they have two race cards. In other countries, they’ll have two separate cards. It’s just how we do it. It’s an art, like with the cards that come in our box. It’s like a paintbrush, you see all these different colors on the surface of the paintbrush. There is that whole process, and I don’t necessarily know much about it, you read about it, and you try your best to do it yourself.”

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“That’s why, no matter how well you know how to play a sport or whatever, that’s why you need a coach, ’cause you’re going to learn a lot in the game. You need a coach for that.”

“It’s a whole lot of different things. We also have a whole bunch of new things going on in the game and we’ve learned a lot in the year that these things have been happening. They’re great for our game, it’s great for everybody’s game and everybody has new things to learn and a whole lot of new things are being put into our game in the last couple years.”

“You come to a certain position on the field, especially on a defensive end, and you look up and see the defender coming. You are either going to run over him or you are going to pick him off. If you are going to try to pick him off, sometimes you can’t see the defender coming, you’re going to get shot at. That’s what happened tonight.”

A “big picture overview” of the Democratic presidential election has been included in a Democratic Party autopsy released the morning after President Barack Obama’s re-election. It suggests that many of Obama’s problems have been in his own party’s wake, which makes him an “unfinished man” and an “unfavorable problem in a race that was already a two-person contest,” according to Democratic strategist Saul Anuzis.

Republicans aren’t thrilled with the report, either:

The report’s authors are no doubt concerned that it suggests the Obama administration failed to take action on many of the important policies it had been touting — and even suggested that it could be worse, since some of them were actually in the works before the election. “This report is another example of the left’s attempt to rewrite the history of the Obama administration,” said Michael Steel,

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How do you read a race card? – Horse Racing Today Card
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