How do you read a race card? – Horse Racing Song

A race card is a card that tracks the progress of each race on your campaign, all the way back to your start point. Each race will have different cards that can be used during that race. These cards can also affect other races and they will have bonuses or penalties for certain races. They are usually given to your crew at various points in the course, but they can also be added to the deck at any time by spending any amount of points you have left (not to mention all the other card type actions you can take). This is your chance to get the best equipment, fuel, resources, and upgrades that you can, and be the one to take it all on.

What happens at the end if you win a race?

If you won the race, you get the cash. If you were knocked out before the finish, you get money instead.

If a race ended before you could finish because one of your crew failed to stay on the starting line, the player is allowed to restart the race immediately, and get the bonus points as if they ran a normal race again (they still cannot spend more than 15 points to do so).

For me I’ve played two thousand games to get better at this game and for me this is the most difficult to master. How does a one time race player play?

At first, I’ll start out slow, get a set of races set up, and just go through them for a few turns until I start to get good and get some points going. From there, I’ll speed up my game by making bigger and bigger turns until I end up playing on a completely different track than the one my opponent was racing on at the start of the race!

When I get better, I’ll try to be sure my race gets covered by other players before taking on the real job of trying to claim the prize at all costs!

What should I bring with me to this game?

Bring a full lunch (which means whatever you want). Make sure you have something fun to bring with you on the run, and also a few water bottles. Also bringing your camera and tripod so you can see the games.

Off to the Races: Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach ...
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How do you read a race card? – Horse Racing Song
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