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Kenny: I don’t really have much. I’ve been really good at what I’ve been doing, but it’s not anything to make a whole lot of money with. I get around in L.A. a lot. I get the movie business. I love sports. I love playing basketball. I haven’t really been able to be anywhere but in the NBA. But like I said, I don’t really have much to do.

You were with the Kings for four years. At one point you talked about starting your own sports franchise.

Kenny: We didn’t start a business. We just tried to keep in touch, keep building our basketball program. And that was it. We talked for a couple years about playing with another franchise. And I think in this particular case, it was pretty much in my opinion because we had been in Sacramento so long, especially since I was younger than everybody else. When it turned out that I was gonna be here, I kind of thought that it’d be easier for me to play with another team. And that’s obviously not the case now. Obviously, I have to respect that. I’m here, I’m happy.

You know what we’re talking about here, this is your hometown. It’s not an issue from an owner’s perspective or anybody else in the organization. But you don’t really have any say in where you’d like to play.

Yeah. Not really.

You didn’t really make your intentions clear. Are you comfortable with that situation anymore?

Kenny: Not really. Because it doesn’t make sense in this day and age just to put in your heart and say, “This is the one team where I want to play.” Now the players know all about that. But I don’t think I ever really said I wanted to play anywhere. We tried to get a group of guys together to try to try to get the team back together for a championship. Because I don’t want to be here. It’s just not going to be me. I just told them, you know, “You have to pick one and you have to build your team.”

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So you don’t have that desire now?

Kenny: No.

You didn’t know you were signing with Sacramento?

Kenny: Nope, we just got a letter from their owner. No comment.

Your friend, Kevin Martin, is on the Kings.


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How do you play knockout in basketball? – Tvg Horse Racing Channel
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