Why is it called a flapper dress? – Plus Size Flapper Dress Sewing Pattern

Because, as we all know, a flapper dress is something that you might wear when you’re a girl and something that you might wear if you’re in your twenties.

The point of fashion in Britain and the US is often that everything about it is in order, so everything from the shape to the size has to be in order. But we’re not doing that here. There’s no order. There’s no reason for anything that happens to be here to feel odd. Why should we have an order when we’re all supposed to be like that?

What was the first piece of clothes you ever bought?

When I was very little, I remember being able to remember buying clothes. I used to get presents for Christmas and I think I bought a little jumper, black dress and shoes.

What do you remember about the dresses in all of the clothes that you remember?

I remember a few things. Some of the sweaters were a bit of a shock because none of them were made by Jarrow and they were just made by Gifford. One of them had a gold band and the other one had stripes that were like this: they were like the shapes of birds.

What was the first time that you wore something like that?

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When I was about ten, some other girls got their first dresses that were quite different from the ones they were buying anyway. But instead of the stripes, they put a pattern of coloured flowers on. I remember the first time I wore a dress like that too, it was actually the very first dress of mine; my aunt got us some, but we weren’t sure what to wear it to.

What kind of patterns did they wear and what would they have said about you?

We weren’t sure of anything, we just went with the pattern that was on us. But then, there was a girl from my school who was really pretty, but also did something different from every other girl we knew. She had a little, really long, purple scarf. We didn’t wear them and it was a bit of fun and I did it.

What were the other girls saying afterwards?

She was called Daisy, and then one of the girls from school said: ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, you should just wear one of these.’ Daisy came down and said: ‘I don’t care what you wear.’

What do you know now?

I think about her a lot

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Why is it called a flapper dress? – Plus Size Flapper Dress Sewing Pattern
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