Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Red Flapper Dresses

It was Mary-Sue Smith.

When she was alive, how did she behave in public when people stopped and looked at her?

She would come out of this dressing room, and you wouldn’t know, she’d just put her dress down, and you’d see her walking all over, putting her hair up, and she would make it look pretty. The most famous image of her in that dress was probably with a white feather of flowers in her hair.

What did she think of the flapper look?

She really liked the look – the high-heeled shoes, the black shoes, the tall hat. But she thought it looked very vulgar and very out of date.

What did the people think?

The same as they have ever thought about their own appearance. Many of them were very much in awe of her, and they would come up to her very late at night – one day she heard a noise in the bathroom, and as she got up she saw men coming down the hall in a little old car – she thought it might be a fire engine; it was, she said to herself, very strange to see them coming down the halls in the middle of night. They had a very bad reputation with the people. They did more harm out there than they did in a very good place.

Did she think anyone really appreciated her and her looks?

She always considered herself very attractive, and she thought that she had a lot to be proud of in her life. Her mother and sister thought her very pretty.

Did she like to dance?

Only occasionally. But she was very, very good at the lute, and I think the most famous recording of her is on the record of her lute that was played in the first year of the 1920s. It is called “I Love Lucy”. The lute was played a little bit slower than most of the other songs on that record, but it was a perfect record.

And what about the other popular songs? Did she have any favorite songs?

Oh, she loved all the songs. The piano was her favorite instrument. She was in love with the piano, and she could play it wonderfully. She was very musical.

How were songs recorded at the recording studios?

Like any other piece of equipment, a record had to be made with different kind of records. What we would do was first we make a copy of a song that

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Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Red Flapper Dresses
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