Who is the most famous flapper? – Flapper Dress 1920S

A lot depends on the country. For instance, the most famous flapper in South America is not the Venezuelan Caracas Caravelle. She is, of course, the famous Chilean Carmen Miranda. But if any of the other famous American women flappers in the 1970s were there, I think they would be the very first ones to answer “No”. For me, the most famous American is, of course, one Maria Belen Chaparro. She is, of course, the Chilean Maria Grazia Calvo. I’m not saying that Maria Belen, the Argentine Elodie Morel or the Chilean Rosie O’Donnell are not some kind of pop stars, but I am saying that these are not the people you would want as the most famous flapper on the planet.

How is the biggest difference between a rockstar and a flapper?

There are certainly many things between them, but one thing I can say for sure is: a rockstar does not look beautiful anymore, whereas a flapper looks very pretty. Some of them have nice hair at least.

Do they have to get more than a hundred thousand dollars a week?

Not if they are the kind of girls who give you their heart. But don’t assume they get more than five thousand dollars a week. That’s just not possible when you are a young flapper. Most flappers are just that, and you just don’t give up when your pay drops to a few hundred dollars a week.

Who knows why American women tend to dress a bit different and what people will see when they look at your pictures from the 1960s. One thing is sure though. Don’t worry about her: she looks better than you!

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Who is the most famous flapper? – Flapper Dress 1920S
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