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Well, it was all for the benefit of the working man. The working man didn’t want a revolution, he wanted a better life. I believe in revolution, that’s the first principle. But these flappers are trying to prove they’re not part of that and not worthy of it.

Would anything change if they all came out for Bernie Sanders?

I don’t know. He’s the only one I know who’s been involved with us for four years.

So do you think it’s safe to assume that the Democratic Party has left behind Bernie Sanders?

No. I believe in an independent political campaign. I’ve seen, when the Bernie Sanders revolution started, he was the only candidate saying change, and the other political parties were saying it better, better, better. And they don’t listen anymore when Bernie Sanders stands up and demands that they do something about it. For eight months we went on stage with Bernie Sanders and our message was that the only thing that made the world better was a democratic socialist in the White House. We stood up for it and said if you want to change the world, you gotta go all in. I think Bernie Sanders is the real thing.

Do you also believe that the American ruling class understands the urgency of that message?

When they saw Bernie Sanders, when he stood up for what was right, when he stood up to the banks, when he stood up to the big corporations. They were silent. Why won’t they get behind a man like Bernie Sanders? They’re afraid Hillary Clinton is going to take their party and put it in her place. I know that Bernie Sanders is not a conservative, that’s a joke. Bernie’s the most liberal candidate in U.S. House history. And then we have Donald Trump, he’s going to end freedom and put people in chains. So I believe that if the American ruling class sees that Bernie Sanders is in that tradition, I think it will see the difference.

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You were arrested at a rally in Philadelphia in September to protest the Democratic National Convention’s decision to invite former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak. What was the reaction to that on your end?

The only thing they said was, it’s too soon, they need to hold off on this one. As for me, I made a few hundred bucks, I was out and about, working, I didn’t have anybody to speak with me, I was walking home from the theater, the Philadelphia police were

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What were the flappers trying to prove? – Retro Stage Reviews
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