What were the flappers trying to prove? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Forever 21

“To a man, they were trying to prove one thing or another,” said the deputy. “There were two groups.

“All I know is that these two groups got violent with each other, which I think was a form of self-defense, but obviously something took place. That’s the end of that,” he said. “If the group had been more peaceful, they would not have been injured.”

The flappers also attempted to flee the area they encountered at the station, even trying to sneak out of the station, authorities said. But as the men sought shelter, and some ran off, the men shot at the flappers, police said.

“What I think we heard was, ‘If anyone comes to the station, you shoot him,'” Mr. Gogel said.

About 50 bullets were fired from the station, a total of about 18 to 20 shots, all of which missed the flappers, officials said.

The injured flapper was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, officials said.

Officials said the men were taken into custody and charged in a preliminary hearing before District Attorney Peter J. Morrissey Jr.. The defendants are expected to be arraigned this afternoon. Mr. Gogel said they appeared to have a history of violent crime while roaming through areas around the country.

“The nature of the incidents is unknown … and what we believe we will find out is what happened at the station and what happened during the course of that shooting,” he said.

Police have released video of a man who they said may be the suspect in the shooting, but officials said it was a low-resolution video, and that they had not seen the video.

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What were the flappers trying to prove? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Forever 21
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