What kind of jewelry did flappers wear? – Vintage 20S Flapper Dress

I don’t know, but it’s easy to imagine the typical flapper wearing jewelry based on an old time fashion – a lot of rings and necklaces.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the items I’ve pictured in my blog:

A few years ago, I read this post on How to Find the Perfect Belt. It said that you should be able to do this by simply comparing two pictures of different women wearing the same belt. I’m not sure about the exact date that I found this, but I think it was a couple of years ago. It seems that the “right” belt was determined by the woman wearing the belt, not the person who was wearing the belt. As I’ve learned more about flapper history and the jewelry that was worn by flappers, I’ve realized that I’m not as knowledgeable as I should be – so I decided to get an expert for help.

Image copyright PA Image caption An estimated 60,000 people signed a petition on Change.org calling for the Prime Minister to be sacked

A government aide who tried to arrange a meeting between President Barack Obama and David Cameron has been handed a two-year sentence.

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, 60, from Hendon, pleaded guilty earlier this year to two counts of conspiracy and two of misconduct in public office.

He was due to be sentenced today at Bristol Crown Court.

His lawyers said he had suffered “unwarranted stress and anxiety” from an “attitude” about Obama during a dinner at Downing Street in 2012.

The judge, Mr Justice Francis, had already imposed a four-year custodial sentence.

Mr Hunt, who had denied the charges, apologised for what he described as a “miscalculation” at a meeting at the prime ministers’ official residence and at a party later that night.

The judge said he was impressed by the “courageous way in which a senior, senior Conservative official… attempted to deal with the situation”.

‘Distorted perception’

He had not thought the meeting would go ahead as he was worried the then US President would not take his offer and would instead take the opposite option – that Mr Cameron would not accept an “urgent invitation”.

The prime minister was “disturbed” by the situation, the judge said, adding: “Even more was the distortion and misinterpretation of the situation by Mr Hunt – based on his own distorted perception of events – when he expressed his

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What kind of jewelry did flappers wear? – Vintage 20S Flapper Dress
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