What kind of coats did flappers wear? – Fringe Flapper Dress

In fact, all sorts of things. In their own way. Some were flappers themselves and liked to wear colorful or expensive clothes, while others wore the traditional white dress of the flapper family, with bright dresses, bright ornaments, and bright accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and chokers. Often, people wore such things in order to express pride, to add flair to their clothes, or to make a statement. This was particularly the case in the 1920s when a number of “red-flaunting” outfits were popular, although there seems to have been little or no fashion for red in the flapper era, and red as a color in flappers’ clothes is not mentioned in any of the sources discussed on this website.

One thing flapper style was not, however, was a trend for fancy, expensive and flashy clothing. No, it was a trend towards simplicity, with the clothes and hairstyles of the 1930s being just as likely to have simple styles as the clothes of the 1920s. For instance:

There are a lot of different kinds of short haircuts worn by the flapper generation, including straight, side parted, or swept sides. A number of styles were worn as part of the traditional flapper look, such as the following:

The flapper dress was meant to be simple and chic enough to stay out of sight of the people who could see it, and as a result is often seen as a kind of a “dress code” or a “formal dress.” In fact, the clothing was so simple as to make it a fashion statement.

Dozens of pictures of flapper fashion come to mind, so I feel it’s important to show several different pictures from some different time periods, to show how different things were to have been a few decades ago.

The following are many typical examples of many of the different styles of clothes worn by the flapper generation and a few other time periods, from 1920 to the mid-20th century:

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And the following are more typical images, not from my collection of pictures but actually from a 1920 edition of Time magazine with stories about the era, along with many other images that include pictures of women wearing flapper-style clothes:

And here are a few examples that don’t show the flapper look at all, but show just the clothing styles of the 1920s:

Which styles you most often see on television and in movies?

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What kind of coats did flappers wear? – Fringe Flapper Dress
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