What is Marcelled hair? – Flapper Dresses For Women White

It can be a hair color or texture variation that will allow you to wear your hair in a style that you would normally find on a woman’s head. There are dozens of variations to choose from and I’ll outline a few of my faves below.

Marcelled Hair – How to do it

First, you’ll need to decide how long and thin you’d like to end up looking. Since we are going to be styling ourselves in layers, a few more short layers will be better than more long ones. The more layers you start with, the braver you’ll be! When you’re done with that, you will have a short, thick hair.

Next, select a pattern/braid that’s going to be a little bit longer than you’d like. Again, don’t be afraid to use a lighter color here. I like to highlight under my earlobes and it also adds a bit of a style to my hair, but of course, it needs to be the right length for your face!

Next, you’ll need to mix the colors you want, you can only do the first coat with the first color and then add more as needed. Remember to always do the first coat for both colors!

If you are using the darker color, apply a bit more for the color that will be shorter. If you are doing the lighter color it will be a touch more darker for the color that will be longer. I tend to use a couple of coats for both and it looks great.

Next, layer with your base color. Start by adding more of your lighter color to it and working your way down the strands from there. Be careful when applying a color here, as you don’t want to get too much into your roots and you’ll end up looking kind of unnatural and kind of messy. If you take too much of your lighter color there’s going to be a big mess at the base of your hair.

Once the base color is applied, you’ll need to get rid of any more of your lighter color underneath, this will ensure the colors that you are working with will mix together nicely.

This is how your hair will look going from your base to your base color.

When you’re done with the base colors and the first color, you’ll want to add whatever shade of the first color you feel matches it. So for Marcelled hair, I like to use either an olive-toned or olive-toned

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What is Marcelled hair? – Flapper Dresses For Women White
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