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How does one decide how much to charge? How do you determine if that is going to be a “fun” or “hobby”?

This article focuses on the petting party of the 1920s, where parties were held where children would be “petted and touched by some stranger”. It was held in many locations such as schools, nursing homes, clubs, church wards, restaurants, the theater, etc. It is a topic I am passionate about, and I think the article will be helpful to people who are interested in the history of petting parties and the petting parties of the 1920s.

Petting Parties in the 1920s

Petting parties during the 1920s were not unusual. They were the norm. But what made these parties special?

Why are the petting parties of the 1920s interesting? Because it can be easy to forget that Petting Parties were commonplace. The idea of a petting party was not so new, and in fact the petting party did not just become the big thing for children during this era, it became a “normal” activity for children in general.

While there are many types of petting parties today, one of the most famous and iconic of them all, The American Petting Club, was originally a petting and playing area for children. Although the club did not start as a traditional petting event like they do today, the idea of petting in this way actually existed at one point. The American Petting Club was started in 1900, and first hosted a petting party every summer in 1903.

Some people will say that The Petting Club didn’t become a big thing until children grew up, but in reality it was a very big deal when children first started being allowed to join in the petting.

In 1903, this is what a petting area looked like at The American Petting Club, according to this article from the New Jersey Historical Society:

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But then things changed. By 1915, the petting club was becoming overrun with children. When the United States entered World War I, this was when the American Petting Club became the biggest petting grounds at that time: In 1917, over 1,100 school children gathered there for a party held on April 7, the 7th. By 1916, more than 6,000 children would be in attendance. By 1919, around 5,000 children played in the yard.

I don’t want to get into specifics in this article, but

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What is a petting party in the 1920s? – Vintage Flapper Dresses Ebay
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