What is a Gatsby theme? – 1920 Black Flapper Dress

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It’s a good question, and we all know the answer. It’s a little more complicated than what seems like a simple question; it’s the same thing that made us want for so long, but one that was hard to figure out.

That’s because Gatsby himself, for much of the book, and for the vast majority of his fictional life, did not exist. He was created by two guys who shared a love for the American dream of being able to buy that dream house, be a musician or a famous writer, etc. The story is so much larger than just the protagonist; it’s about the ways in which the protagonist embodies an ideal that exists somewhere in the background and is never explicitly brought to the foreground.

The book is about these people who work hard to be a great person in the face of adversity, and those who work hard to avoid adversity. The idea that money is meaningless and that you should strive to be a better person because you’re already a better person because you got the money is a part of his life throughout the book, and the theme of Gatsby’s life, as they say. The author and his characters never see themselves as great. They are great because of how they live their lives — and they are great because of that ideal.

We think of success as the act of getting ahead of the others, as the outcome of some great performance or achievement that you’re proud of. But that ideal is never made explicitly explicit in the story (although you know it’s there in the background, just to be a bit sneaky). We think of achievement as being the process of accumulating knowledge that serves you well — and that learning and learning and learning and learning are just different types of people, and that the one that makes it is the one that ultimately gets to be the best version of them. We think of work as the most difficult aspect of life to achieve, and the one we make the least effort to achieve because we want to have success that we can show to others. Yet Gatsby, though he achieves some degree of success, never achieves this. He never achieves the dream of a life of power and success that we’ve created for our people, and so he never really gives us that satisfaction.

Why did he never achieve them, then? I think that’s a good question, too, as the theme of success is just the same; it’s whether or not you can fulfill the dream. But Gatsby’s dream of

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What is a Gatsby theme? – 1920 Black Flapper Dress
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