What is a flapper style dress? – Roaring 20S Flapper Dress

A flapper style dress is one like a traditional dress but is shorter in length and shorter in width. Flapper style dresses are often short dresses with long sleeves, a high neckline and a low front bottom.

These short dresses typically have one sleeve, a low neckline and a tight fitting, flared skirt.

How Is a Flapper Style Dress Made in the USA?

A flapper style dress should be made from high quality fabric, usually merino wool or cotton. Merino wool is available in many different sizes, from an 8 to a 16 inch. Merino wool fabrics are not considered lightweight materials; they do shed and they tend to be a bit heavier than cotton, but this does not affect the feel or comfort of the dress.

Fleece fabric may be a better choice because it has both a smooth surface and a softer texture. It generally offers a warmer, softer feeling.

There are many styles of flapper style dresses available through several sources. There are many different types of skirts, some available in different styles of length, and some also with different styles of side skirts. The number of fabric choices that we can suggest is limited to the types of skirts we can offer. The top two fabric types that we can offer are a long and a short skirt.

If you have any questions about what type of skirt size you should choose, we can help you find a skirt that works for you. These skirts are usually tailored down the front for a better fit.

Fleece or cotton fabrics may not be a favorite, as long as the fabric is a light and lightweight fabric that doesn’t stretch out.

Some people do suggest a longer skirt. It is all about the fit and comfort of the dress. If you have long legs/waist you don’t want a skirt too short.

Most people like their skirts about 1 inch to 1 ½” above the knees. If your skirt is cut at the natural waist, it will work great for a tall person. Most people prefer a long flapper style dress that tapers from bottom to top. Our best sellers are designed for a shorter short skirt and top.

Other styles include a wide skirt but with a shorter cut. This type of skirt will work well for a tall or petite woman.

For more about dresses, please visit the page Flapper Style Dresses.

Fleece or Cotton Fabric for a Long and Short Flapper Style Dress


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What is a flapper style dress? – Roaring 20S Flapper Dress
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