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You’re wearing a black suit and you are sitting in on dinner with the famous people. That’s the dress code that the New York Times recently called “the uniform of the upper crust.”

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The Gatsbys were not wealthy. They were, by any measure, middle-class. When they traveled, they always went at the same time of day, and there was always a wait for the train. They were comfortable enough to go to bed in their own beds each night. And most of their time was spent in the company of the servants they sent to their own apartments every night of their three years apart.

The Gatsbies had only one real bedroom but it was furnished with a bed, desk, chair, closet, dresser, shelf with books and shoes, and bathroom. On most days, the Gatsby’s house was empty. Some of them stayed in their rooms but it was not usually as long as many years of living with these servants. They had not had the family house or the home to themselves for decades but the servants brought them a bed at four every night, while others slept on the sofa, in the guest room, or in their private rooms. Sometimes, just when they would have wanted the servants to go, as happened on the day the Gatsbies were married and the servants packed them off to a farm, the Gatsbies sent for them before it was too late.

In other words, George and Daisy did not know they were being photographed as a couple. It was their life, their wedding, and now this was the world’s “official” version of it. They spent their time as a couple in their own homes, but it was not unusual for them to see and talk to each other whenever they were in public. The only time they were photographed together as a couple was when they were at the zoo on New Year’s Eve, and then they were asked to pose for pictures with other couples.

Some time after their honeymoon, the Gatsbys started getting concerned about the constant attention on them. They became more and more concerned that the newspaper articles were portraying a married couple as wealthy and glamorous and thus making the image of middle-class Americans more palatable. They made a complaint of this to the New York Times and wrote a letter to the editor saying the way the picture of them appeared in the papers was misleading. Their letter had become an international paperseller but George insisted that Daisy not write it or they would never go ahead with it.

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What do you wear to a Great Gatsby party? – Vintage Flapper Dresses 1920S Photos Speakeasy Internet
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