What did they wear in the 20s? – Flapper Dresses 1920S Gatsby Short

“At the party they had a very long black silk cloak, that was like a little black suit,” he says. “Then they took off the cloak to leave the dance floor and they had lots of red jackets in there.”

And then they got into the more dangerous stuff. “They took off the trousers and they were actually in a red silk frock, or a little red suit of jacket, all of which had a ribbon attached on the back of it that they were wearing around their ankles,” he says.

And these men wore lots of buttons, which weren’t always worn, says Mr Daley.

“The trousers would always be rolled back quite a bit, because at that time men didn’t put any of their trousers on in the front — it was all in the back where the trousers were,” he explains.

What was their dress code?

Men liked to keep things simple, so they would wear a simple white tunic, which was pretty much what they would wear a few nights out, says Mr Daley.

“They would take off a bit of it and they would make it themselves out of something like cotton or silk [that isn’t as soft] or a woolen fabric,” he says.

“And that came very easily and pretty easily,” says Mr Daley. “Most of it was just made by sewing together little pieces of cloth.”

And at the party, it was common to get a black silk shirt, says Mr Daley.

And the women were usually wearing long red evening dresses, he says — something that wasn’t usually used.

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It’s not what they would wear on a Monday evening like other women do today.

“It was like an old school kind of dress, but it wasn’t that sort of dress, so it was different,” he says.

But the women had a dress code too. “You’d hear, you know, ‘She’s a big girl, it’s fine, and she’s dressed to get down to the party, but her hair is a short bit, you can’t get up there’.”

Then again, this was the period where you could, if you wanted to, buy a piece of white silk, like a shawl, that would be tied up around you.

It was called a shawl, or a “shawl dress,” says Mr Daley.

How did they wear the clothes?

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What did they wear in the 20s? – Flapper Dresses 1920S Gatsby Short
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