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Flappers of the past were generally dressed in black, with some variations on black over grey suits. These outfits were often very conservative and elegant with long, dark hair. Flappers of the early 1920s, however, were more casual, and there were many flappers who wore very high collars and ties. The high neck on the “Flapper in a Suit”, which was used in the 20th century, was often designed with a pin. It was typically a white pin with a red or green bead placed in the center.

The women wore short skirts with long, flowing tresses. The short skirts could have collars, which usually had a button closure, and may have been long, loose, or open (with buttons). The hair must have been short and unruly. The tops were usually designed with an open, button down collar, although there are some cases where a short, full, and frilly cut top was worn.

Flappers wore hats or caps, sometimes decorated with flowers or designs. They may also have worn a short, black over grey cardigan.

Flap-sleeved tops were usually worn with thin shirts, with very long, dark skirts. The high collar in the front of the garment was usually buttoned, although there were exceptions.

Some real flappers were very short and “flushed.” These were the girls wearing the very first style, the “flapper without the neck.” They would wear the skirt as long as their legs, and the shirt as loose as possible. The lower half of the skirt would not be covered by the shirt. A flapper’s top was often black and white, with bright red ribbons or flowers all over the top. The low, short, “flushing” top was usually a tuxedo or blouse.

The women in the 1920’s were not all “flappers.” Many of the women were “dressed to impress,” but were not flappers, such as the young girl or women at the opera. If you know of someone who fits this description, you should email him or her. He or she will be proud to have been so.

The top was often tailored to fit. The neckline was usually long, long like a pin. At the apex of the collar was a large button which was usually black.

How did real flappers move?

On the left is a real flapper from the 1920s as seen by the artist on

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What did real flappers wear? – Target Flapper Dresses
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