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The following is an excerpt:
The following may seem strange to some men, but Ladies Wear was not a ‘formula’ designed by a lady to dress up a man. It was only when the ladies were dressed up like the men that the formula could be said to have been developed — women dressing more like men, that is, wearing more masculine patterns and colors.

The formula for Ladies Wear dates back to an incident in the late 1830’s between an architect and his wife. The woman had decided to take a new and elaborate design from her husband’s house. She did not want his attention or that of the neighbors and so, with an architect she had, she created her own designs.
The architects wanted to use the woman’s idea, but wanted the designer to give them more instructions — it was a formality and, they felt, a woman was not equipped to make such a statement. He had only two choices; he could continue to dress the woman’s house as it had been or he could create a new one. The artist, however, could create a new design. The new design was so successful that the architect gave it up as being too feminine.
It took a woman to create something new and it took a woman to dress up.
While the first Ladies Wear formula had nothing to do with the male side of the household, it did have a big impact on the housewife. The old formula was still being put into use in 1920, when the following story was heard in a local newspaper.
A New Home for a Housewife
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One day some people were digging out of the yard and found the ground had been filled with a white powder that had been thrown into the garden. It was discovered that this powder had been thrown the day before by her husband, who had dropped it and it had fallen in. This seemed incredible to her, and now it was necessary to dig out the cellar. She began by breaking the doors in and looking through them. The powder appeared to make a hole into the wall. She opened it up, and now, to get to the cellar, she had to crawl through it. However, as the powder seemed to come from a well, she found an opening about nine feet square. All she could see was the floor of the well, and it had started to rain. The women went to the well and took advantage of the opening; there she found one of those old wells that is very strong, but she could find no way out.
She took the men

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What did Ladies Wear in the 1920s? – Black Flapper Dress Kids
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