Was the flapper a feminist? – Antique Flapper Dress

The flapper was in a feminist movement. There were some women that tried to make a living doing it and the flappers did it. The movement was about women and the work and what they did was so much better than what we were doing back in my day.

Did the women be feminists?

Yes they were, for sure. Women were doing it at the time because they found it better, a lot better, than what was being done back then.

What about the men working in the flapper trade?

It was mostly men. This is not to say that women didn’t work in them, they did, but there was a lot more money in the work. Women could travel a lot and be much more free.

How were the women paid?

The women were paying more than the men because of the fact they didn’t have to buy that much clothing – they had their own supply. Their own clothes too.

What about work that had nothing to do with work? What were women doing in these women’s clubs?

Women were just working there. There were no schools, no hospitals or anything like that. It had a lot of men there that were not employed. Women just worked as they wanted to, and no money was exchanged. They were working for their own pleasure, and the men who had to find work for themselves were the ones working a hard day’s work.

That’s why you hear about the white trash and the poor working in these places back then. The white trash men had to find employment where they could get a good wage. They put the women to work where they could afford to. It was a free labor market back then. I mean, what they did was not very hard at all. Women worked for themselves and not to keep up with the men. Why that is is probably inborn.

Why do you think you are still able to say these things today?

I was able to say it because the women were like I was an hour ago. Now, if you have an hour to live you just try to work and enjoy yourself. When we talk about equality, we don’t have to talk about race or gender, it’s just a human need we all have. We just have to take care of our need. When you take care of that need you can enjoy life and all your other needs too.

Who was your inspiration for writing these books?

The one inspiration

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Was the flapper a feminist? – Antique Flapper Dress
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