Was the flapper a feminist? – 1920S Flapper Great Gatsby Dresses

“The flapper” is a term coined by feminists with the intent to show that there are “other women in the flapper’s world.” This term can be used to refer to anyone who is perceived to be a flapper (as a label), including women who are not. This is especially true when the flapper is white and is a part of the “lower class” (e.g., middle class) women and men who often flapper.

History of the flapper

Like many women who are not middle class (e.g., middle class women), the flapper is not necessarily white. This “lower class” women are usually women who are from middle to upper classes, who often flapper due to poverty. These women tend to be less politically active. Some of them may be middle-class, however they tend to be more economically passive rather than active about social issues. However, many feminists have found this definition unfair to women who have a higher level of socioeconomic security; these women tend to be more active about social justice issues.

The flapper is also a term for an individual who has chosen to be a flapper. Often, women who become flappers choose the flapper life over the traditional, non-flappered life in order to maintain some sense of identity and to help their children feel understood. They are still seen as a separate and unique individual; this difference leads some feminist to consider the flapper a feminist.

The historical definition of the flapper is that it came from a 1950’s term for upper class women (e.g., upper/working class) who flapper as a means to help their children feel less “strange.” The term is most likely related to American Women’s History Month, and it has become the month of the flapper (an annual celebration of women who are not flappers). Women who become flappers are frequently white, middle-class and often the parents of children who are white.

Examples of women who become flappers

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Was the flapper a feminist? – 1920S Flapper Great Gatsby Dresses
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