How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – Flapper Dress Accessories Cream

I’ve made a bit of a comeback in the last 12 years—but it’s not because of the movie. It’s because of my work.

Have you been approached to do a movie lately with Jennifer Lawrence?

I don’t speak with Jennifer Lawrence personally. It’s a different era, I guess. When she said “I want to do a movie with you,” I laughed. It was such a shock, but then a couple of weeks later, I was told by my producer that everyone here at Paramount is going to be really excited to have me.

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What film are you working on now?

I’m doing a play in L.A., so I’ll be doing that for a bit. Then I’m working on a script called The Dark Side of the Moon, about a guy who does yoga.

Did you ever see “Titanic”? Is it similar to “Shakespeare in Love” in the sense of the romantic relationship?

That’s about the closest. There’s a sort of a moral that runs through them. When Shakespeare was first performed, they put something like this on stage right over the coffin, and all the lights went out. And if you’ve ever heard a concert on a boat or an airplane, or played anywhere, it’s like that.

You had a cameo in “Shakespeare in Love.” Did that happen naturally? Or did you have to audition for that?

You did audition for it, yes. They gave me the part. I was sitting in an airplane at JFK that summer.

What was it like to see the movie “J. Edgar”?

It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing. I actually had a part like that in another play. I was an orphan and I had a mom and grandmother who gave me up for adoption, and they sent me to boarding school. My first year, the teacher said something like, “When you’re old enough to go on ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ you’ll be going through puberty.” I was a teen-ager and I think that’s what I’ve always found funny.

What’s your favorite movie?

Maybe something that is not a comedy.

Why is a playwright not always popular these days?

I think because most people don’t get why you should write a play. They have a notion that actors are just people who go on stage and say their lines and that should do it. So they don

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How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – Flapper Dress Accessories Cream
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