How do you do finger waves in short hair? – Black Flapper Dress Plus Size

For a regular short hair, to pull the back of your head into the bridge of your nose, use a comb or comb your hair into a straight coil. (Check out our tutorial on how to comb your hair.) You can also squeeze your hair into the bridge of your nose or use a straight comb, but my preferred way to do the finger waves is the handwave; this approach gives you control over your head, and can look completely natural without the added risk of a hairline.

For short hair with braids, you could use straight ribbons to pull your hair into the bridge of your nose.

For long hair with braids, I would usually use the same handswapping technique as if I were doing the finger waves, but I wouldn’t use the handwave method because it could leave the back of my head exposed. This is a great technique when you just want to pull your hair out through your brows.

To wrap your curls in twine or to fasten your hair in a ponytail, use a small knot, not a twist, or use a hairband.

You can use a ponytail to control your hair to help prevent the back of your head from showing in front of your face. The ponytail gives you a great alternative to a hairband. However, if you are worried about letting your hair show in front of your face while wearing a hairband, you can use the natural curling of your hair as a guide.

A comb over a ponytail is also fine to do as a hairband over a ponytail. If you want to use your hair to create your own ponytail, you can wrap the ends of your hair through your hair band and tuck them under. Again, when you are wearing a ponytail, you want to avoid showing off the curls in front of your face.

How to use a comb to control your hair

Now that we’re all settled down for the night, it’s time to get down to it. But before you comb your hair, you’ll most likely want to put some product on your hands and move them over to your face. For best results, you need to start with the part of your head where you want to control the volume of the hair. If your hair looks coarse, a comb over hair will work better. You can pull hair around and pull strands onto a comb, or make a comb out of your fingernails and use it as a hair comb

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How do you do finger waves in short hair? – Black Flapper Dress Plus Size
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