How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Flapper Dresses At Macy’s

“The first flappers were prostitutes. The flapper has always been a prostitute. She doesn’t wear a robe. She wears clothing.”

What is her favourite movie?

“The Wizard of Oz. It’s my favourite movie. I was a student the first time she told me.”

“My favourite song and dance in The Wizard of Oz was ‘When The Little Prince Is Done Eating’. It means nothing to me now but then it did.”

“It’s about three little princes who are separated by the Emerald City. When the little prince has grown he finds that his food is growing on the top of his head. Then the little prince gets a magic hat and puts the food in a big dish and when it is done he eats it. As he eats it he gets bigger but the food keeps growing and growing to the end.”

“I don’t know. It sounds stupid.”

Did she ever get a job in a factory?

“No, I wasn’t in a factory. I was a waitress.”

“I was a dancer at a ball, with a lot of red roses.”

“My favourite book ever is The Grecian Fable by P. G. Wodehouse. It’s a love story. My favourite song is ‘Sailor Moon’. It’s a song called ‘Sunny Sails to Seas Off’ by the Beatles. I always thought it sang very well. I thought it was very touching and funny. It did make me laugh very much.”

“For those people who don’t know much about me, I was so shy and shy and shy. I wasn’t really proud. I tried very hard to be a person and not be in the spotlight. I always felt that it was a shame to the point where I would hide the truth from everyone. But my childhood was always very exciting. I was in a very popular music group with some famous musicians.”

“I am an artist,” she tells me. “I am a person who loves art. I would like to help other artists to do their jobs without putting in all the effort. As a matter of fact it was my dream when I was 11 to open my own studio.”

“I am a writer,” she says. “I am a storyteller. I think I can help other people to write and write well. Sometimes I think I would do better at being a writer than at being a flapper. I

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How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Flapper Dresses At Macy’s
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