Did flappers wear long gloves? – Loose Fitting Flapper Dress

If you’re a flapper, then you’ll be the first to tell me. I don’t think they do. The “long gloves” have long been an aesthetic staple of the fashion industry (and, naturally, of the film industry, of course). The style has spread beyond the red-fringed fringes into everything from T-shirt sleeves to handkerchief sleeves. It makes sense for the look for many reasons, but most importantly for me, was that it had come down to a little girl with a big heart.

My grandmother, who was the “chaperone” of my childhood, was a “honey-be-bee” to my mother while she went on tour with her band. She brought along her own hat, her own gloves and a big white-flowered bouquet of tulips.

My mom also wore gloves. For me, she was a kind person with a sweet spirit. She was the first to be there for me, and there would always be someone there for me even then.

The movie is meant to help parents “find their own” style. The movie is also meant to give parents confidence that when it comes to style, they aren’t alone and should embrace it instead of hiding it under whatever they have.

The movie is about “the struggle of finding our own way,” according to the trailer. (Though to be honest, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about how my mother’s look was part of that struggle.)

A few days after reading about the movie, my boyfriend came home from work to bring up an interesting question: What if you could “make up” your grandmother’s look and her looks for you? He gave me some examples of how you could do so.

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“I can do so much with my grandmother’s style,” he said, “I could totally wear a little piece of white tulip with a bright, red bow and my grandmother’s hat and I could look really glamorous and stylish. She still wears long gloves, I still don’t know if she has makeup on her cheeks, like my dad, but I can do a little bit!”

“Maybe you could wear a dress from my mom’s closet to help cover my grandparents style,” he said, adding that my grandmother wouldn’t have much in the way of wardrobe accessories, as they had their own style, “but I think you could make up a white tulip dress with a bright red bow on

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Did flappers wear long gloves? – Loose Fitting Flapper Dress
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