Did flappers have jobs? – Women’s Plus Size 5X Flapper Dresses

Of course they did.

It was part of their heritage, and it was not easy.

I wonder if today there are thousands more working as flappers, though.

One thing that I have noticed since my early childhood is how quickly things change, how fast it can become different, how quickly it can be in flux, and it is not difficult to believe that we are in the midst of a great transition with the future on the horizon. Today it is easier than ever for the average worker to just get her job done, or if not her job done, to find herself part of a system that provides her with a living. There are many ways to do this, and she has the ability to choose which of them she wishes to follow. She may be able to get more in a day or more in a day and a half as a flapper, or as an account clerk or nurse. She may be able to do one thing better every day, but this is not sufficient. It is not enough. For her, there must be something more.

A Flapper’s Work – What Can you do?

So today I asked for your ideas. What can you do if you need to do some job or other during the day that can’t be done as a “flapper” but you want to do?

For a flapper to become a bank teller, or a nurse, or an investment banker, her job must be as a banking or banking system administrator, or the kind of accountants who work in investment banking.

In addition, she must want to go beyond the system in terms of how the flapper must do her job. She must see the system as a whole, not just as some isolated, small part of it, and that means she must always have an eye to the whole thing. That will enable her to move with the economy and with people and to understand how it works in the larger scheme of it all. That is the only way she can work with a system at its best. Only by studying it, understanding it, can she make the decisions to do what needs to be done – and to do what needs to be done to bring in more of what we know and want, and to bring in the things we don’t really know.

A “Flapper” Career – What Can you be successful at?

That, my friends, is the question I wanted to address today.

I am talking to

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Did flappers have jobs? – Women’s Plus Size 5X Flapper Dresses
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