Did flappers have jobs? – Flapper Dress Plus Size Canada

“No,” says David Gansavela, and they did not have an immediate income and there was a lot of “social-control money.” And it’s true that flappers were more often than not employed in offices where they wouldn’t have seen their coworkers.

The flapper in the above photo is, yes, a lady, but she is a good, professional American female who is not a product of the times like a lot of flapper-women-turned-politicians were. There was a time when flappers were good looking, well-dressed, beautiful, and had “big heads and big brains,” according to an article by Susan Lacy.

This particular woman has nothing but glowing praise for her former employer, the Los Angeles Times (which I have covered in the past). In the article by Lacy, she writes,

“I knew that she was going to go on to something great and important,” [Flapper’s co-worker at KABC] Mary Buhle, 51, said. “That she had a passion for public service.”

This wasn’t the flapper I knew when she went into show business. She was much younger than most of the girls I met at the age of 17 or 18. They worked jobs I never would have dreamed of and then she got into politics.

She was a bit of a “real politician,” in the classic sense – someone who took a risk on things that required guts and who didn’t take herself very seriously. It turned out that the politics were not the flapper’s forte, but her ability to take a risk, keep her head above water, and make things work. That really sets her apart from many politicians today. The flapper was also a bit of a rebel, but one who wanted to stick it to the old world order. I wonder what she would have thought of the women’s liberation movement.

You don’t have to like Hillary Clinton, but you do have to appreciate her. You also don’t have to vote in the election on Tuesday, but you have to respect what she’s working on. She is trying to get things done in Washington.

So, what’s stopping the Clinton Administration to get things done? Here are some things the Clintons and Obama will need to get things done in 2016.

1. The economy: Hillary needs to get her administration back on track. The country is losing jobs. So far the recovery in terms of jobs numbers

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Did flappers have jobs? – Flapper Dress Plus Size Canada
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