Month: September 2020

What did they wear in the 20s? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Near Me Craigslist Atv

What about in the 30s? What about now?” asks the author. “The question isn’t really what they wear now. Instead, we should be thinking carefully about just what the future is bringing.” By Mark D. Smith This article was originally published at BizPac Review. You don’t have to be Bill C-13 aficionado, and definitely not […]

Why are the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties? – Flapper Style Wedding Dresses Pics

What was the origin of the term ‘Roaring Twenties?’ What motivated the creation of the term ‘Roaring Twenties’? The original meaning of ‘Roaring Twenties’ came from a poem written around 1920 by Walter Jameson: Here is the answer to your question: The Roaring Twenties Was the first decade of the 20th Century the most prosperous, […]

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