How do you draw lips? – Sketch Lamborghini

By looking at the underlying anatomy and muscle movements.

To build an understanding of how lips fit together, consider the case of a person with low-set, narrow lips or a person with normal lips. Notice how the lines of the lips are quite straight, while the areas of the lips that do not fit together nicely are wide and open-mouthed.

While the low-set, narrow lip can be seen easily, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of the muscles that help shape it.

To help you better visualize the muscle area, I’m going to draw a figure that shows the different structures and movements of the upper and lower lips. I have drawn both a normal human body and a low-set, narrow mouth, with the illustration showing what the lips would look like if the person had low-set, narrow lips as opposed to the normal upper lips.

Figure 3-18: Figure 3-18:

As you can see, the lower lip is stretched far to the side where the upper lip meets the upper incisors (tongue). If you take a look closely, you can see that there is a large space at the bottom of the lips that holds the tongue firmly in place.

While the lower lip is stretched far to the side it’s not fully retracted, the lips are only as wide as they are wide. This is the space that holds the head, teeth, tongue, and the food being consumed. When a person’s lips are opened up, the space between the tongue and the lower lip shrinks, allowing the tongue and the food it sustains to flow more readily into the mouth. In this way, the upper lip is stretched away from the lower lip and the food is allowed to go in easier than when the lips are closed up.

The tongue is pulled forward slightly and the tongue, if pulled away from the lips, will push up against the roof of the mouth and pull the lower lip backwards and away from the mouth of the person chewing. You can see that the upper lip is pulled forward and the lower lip is pushed back against the upper jaw with the mouth opening wider.

Lips are positioned in this illustration to make it easier and more natural for the person, as well as to help keep your tongue in better position. I have drawn the lips in the middle, just below the level of the lips that hold the teeth, as you can see above. In this way the upper lip is held in place without

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How do you draw lips? – Sketch Lamborghini
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