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What is the best way to draw hair? Should I apply it to the sides of the chin or to the front of the head? What is a good way to draw your eyes? How do you decide what type of hair to draw? How do I draw my face? Where can I get a better haircut? Can you draw my forehead or the rest of my face?

1. Why don’t you draw your nose?

I like to draw my nose as it shows up best. But sometimes it has to take an extra step. But don’t worry. The nose doesn’t get in the way.

2. Your neck is thin.

I have a small neck. It is a good thing. I draw with a lot of weight on my neck. My neck is small. I don’t do as much weight on my shoulders because I don’t wear neck-binding, so it is more natural.

3. You draw very thick eyebrows. Why aren’t your eyebrows long?

There is a ruleā€¦

4. Should I give my eyes more or less lashes?

Some of my models have very light eyelashes.

5. If I draw a model with thick eyebrows, why doesn’t he or she have short eyelashes?

You should not add eyelashes to your eyes. I draw short long eyelashes.

6. I like the soft outline of your eyes. Does this change depending on the situation?

My eyes have a slightly rougher shape than my eyes in real life. I think this is good for modeling. But when you are going to work and you are going to be making money, you need to make it look real. With my eyes, the soft outlines are good. But they are not for real life because of the way they look. You should only draw them in a way where things look natural. It helps in a show to make your eyes appear bigger. You can do this if you feel this way and you are comfortable with that.

7. What is the best way to draw your skin? How do you decide if I have to make my face or lips look larger?

I don’t like to draw my face. It makes my nose look too big. In real life, the eyebrows don’t have such thick shapes.

8. Can you draw my eyes? Can you draw my eyelid?

Yes, I like to draw the eyes, the eyelid,

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How do you draw hair? – How To Draw Sport Cars
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