How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw Cars 3 Logo Template

I would imagine it would be about a little different as he was a character that you would draw and paint on a piece of tracing paper when you were working on the figure. Do you keep track of the drawings as you go? Or are you done on the figure and then start on the background?

BK: I started with a little sketch of what the figure would look like. After that, I worked my way to what that piece was going to look like from the back of the picture. Then it turned into a very specific storybook piece, but as I was drawing the turtle I kept adding and drawing and taking pictures of it, and getting to know him further. So I would think about the characters he had to fill and what he needed to do so I was constantly adjusting the design.

It seems like there is a lot of character in that series. Do you think character is important?
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BK: It’s interesting. For me, the first thing I would think about is a story and I would focus on that story. The most important and fun aspect of drawing a character is actually looking at who that character needs to be. In this case, I was making this little guy because I loved his style. He would have a certain kind of look, and I did that by drawing him that way and then thinking about what it would be like to have the same style, as you know he’s a little turtle because he has a lot of personality. At the same time, he still looks like a turtle, so I try to keep it kind of natural with that little bit of personality for the character’s personality.

As you are drawing and painting these figures, do you ever want to see the other people in the room or do you want them to be in their separate places while you are drawing them?

BK: Yeah, yeah, I always think about them. You know, how do I give the characters enough screen time. Once they become established characters, I just start thinking about what is the best moment for them to stand in the scene and at what point in their development they could use that time to interact with each other.

Do you try to have a sense of humor in the drawings too? You can be just as serious as you want to be with the drawings, but then it feels different.

BK: Yeah. And just trying to keep the characters’ personalities to a certain level and have them interact naturally so you don’t have to do

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How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw Cars 3 Logo Template
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