How do you draw faces? – How To Draw Cars 3 Very Easy Jackson Storm Coloring

We used a technique called “face mapping” [see my video on face mapping]. This allows us to visualize the relationship between two faces. This is based on a mathematical model in which the individual face is represented by a series of cubes of the same shape—usually, these cubes are connected by a line. Once these cubes have been mapped to the next one, a new face is formed.

The other technique, called “face painting” [see my video on face painting], allows us to “draw” a face by tracing around a surface or surface area in a finite space, then “painting” the face directly onto that surface. Once this is done it is transformed to a new representation for the face. The reason this is called “face painting” compared to “face mapping” is because the faces are not just traced around—they are painted.
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What is a face drawing? How do you do it?

The first step is to generate a cube for each face. This is the most difficult part of face painting. We need to use this cube (or face) to construct the face. Then we need to map the face to the cube: we can either draw on the face directly, or we can draw on the cube directly and then add it to the cube so as to make a new face. It is quite a challenge, and many artists use various methods to solve this problem.

Let’s say you have a simple model that looks like the picture below. For convenience we will call it an “X” and we will give it 3 faces.

What we do is give the X a texture, and we make a triangle from the texture. Then we trace around the surface of the triangle—this creates a new face.

When we are finished with the face, we use an operation that is called a “map” —we give a line that connects the two faces and then we paint the face directly on the line. There is even an operation called “map and line” [see my video on map and line operations]. That was a really difficult step in order to make a “real” drawing.

How do you apply these techniques to a 3D drawing?

Now we have the basic idea. We are just about ready to start creating “faces”.

Can I use face painting to draw in 3D?

Yes, most artists use face painting for drawing in 3D. Now you are probably wondering how do you apply

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How do you draw faces? – How To Draw Cars 3 Very Easy Jackson Storm Coloring
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