How do you draw car parts? – Top View Of Car Drawing Easy

Well, in my personal opinion, you draw only what you can actually feel and not those things that are too soft or too hard.

For me, it’s a simple process: sketch on paper the part that looks most natural and then add paint and detail for the parts that I need to see.

So let’s start at the base.

Base – Sketch – Painting

If you have any questions, you should definitely read the How to Draw Tutorial and the tutorial on how to paint it.

I am not going to give you anything new here, please look at the last part of the tutorial which explains each step of the process.

I will just tell you how I create these car parts.

If you want more detailed information for how I paint car parts, then the tutorial about how to paint it will be right for you. It is based on some simple tips I find useful when painting car parts.

So now we have those two objects on the base, I want to add a base layer of some kind. The easiest way is to mix some watercolor in watercolor paint or in watercolor ink.

If one of the watercolor colors turns out to be wrong, then you can always use a different one.

I usually use something like brown, green, brown, beige, etc to get the general colour of the base of the car parts.

Then I use white for some details that are important to paint but too soft in some other areas.

In my case, I do black first and then add some white around the white to get the correct colour effect for the top of the car parts.

As you see, everything looks a bit weird and messy at first.

After the base is finished, it makes sense to add some details to it first.

What kind of details I need? Here we go!

The body of the car

The body of our car is made of 3 pieces at this stage:

The body of the car

The top part of the car

The trunk and the door of the car

The body is made of 3 simple parts:

The body of the car (base)

The body of the car (top)

The head

The head has two main parts:

The head (body)

The head itself (body)

The head has two parts:


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How do you draw car parts? – Top View Of Car Drawing Easy
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