How do you draw a turtle? – How To Make Car Design On Paper

Well, I just drew one a while ago. I don’t really know what happened to it other than it ended up with a broken tail.

How about doing something like…?

The thing is I like turtles. It’s like an unbroken chain or something. I like the way they look. They make great little critters and turtles are one of the greatest organisms in the Universe.

Wow! That really makes me happy! I love it. I didn’t tell you.

Well, I’ll just have to think back further. The first thing I was thinking about when I was growing up, about how I should draw the turtle as a child, was of course like a tortoise, but with a broken tail…

That’s right! So we have to bring back the tortoise. What I was thinking… I wanted to make a turtle with something broken in it, and a broken tail, and a long neck… but instead of legs but rather a foot.

Is it so bad?

No, it is really very good. I actually got so excited I actually thought we should bring back tortoises and bring back the turtles. I think it is one of the most awesome illustrations ever.

How about something that is not a turtle?

I have actually got this in mind. Maybe a frog. It would just have a large mouth and froglike legs. It might make for an awesome new character in The Simpsons! (laughing)

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How do you draw a turtle? – How To Make Car Design On Paper
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