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BARTLETT: We’re continuing with some more from the big interview that BART officer Gary O’Brien did with the press yesterday.

And firstly, we had BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey there, at a conference as he discussed the events yesterday in which BART police officers were attacked by terrorists in W. Oakland. Now, this is a small portion of what he had to say on this subject. So please join me.

KENTON RAINEY: Well, thanks for holding this conference, Mr. BART Officer. So I think our hearts go out to everybody involved, and we’re going to do everything we can to keep this from happening again. And I’ve got news for you: the threat did not originate within the BART system.

So, for the sake of safety, our focus right now is to get these officers back to wherever they were in the last 48 hours. We need any officers who might be with them, anyone who might have knowledge or intelligence that might help us in our investigation.

But for the time being, as BART officers and officers at other law enforcement agencies, we’re taking it very seriously and are working closely with our federal partners. We hope to receive some information from the federal authorities by this Saturday or before tomorrow.

One of the things I want to know, again from our standpoint, is can you help us identify the suspects. One of the things they’re reportedly wearing is a balaclava. It could be the same balaclava that was used with the bomb in the Bay Area.

Also, they had a lot of explosives when they were taken into custody, including a smoke bomb. So I would like to know if they can be connected to a bunch of other incidents that happened in other cities in the United States this summer where that kind of thing is used.

It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be very easy to do that. They were on the BART platform within minutes of each other.

BART Officer Gary O’Brien (Transcript)

(on camera): I believe, at one point, I think, that they were just outside the police station there. I have no information to

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How do you draw a truck for kids? – Draw It Too Cars 2
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