How do you draw a race car? – Car Proportions

The classic car has its own rules in the art of the car. You can draw the car as a flat, flat canvas without the help of a driver, or at a different scale, you can draw it with the help of a driver. With both drawings you can use different tools. I draw an orange one in a different way, than a white one. The idea of drawing a race car is like drawing a ball on a piece of paper with a pencil and a pen. You make shapes and make a drawing with your own hand. I like to do it with a big brush because the paint becomes the texture on the paper and also the texture of the object you’re drawing looks nice under a pen and pencil. You can take a sketch and you can try to make it smaller and smaller, you can do it on an easel. You use a pencil with two tips, which is a pen with one tip; the pencil is the shape of the object and the pen is the object’s texture. I also do it in a big canvas, so that I can draw large objects. So an orange is easy, and you can see my race car in the background; I want everything to look like an orange at the same time, the texture and everything. So we use a large canvas and a small pencil to do it, and we draw the car from the rear view on the large canvas and I draw the head from the back view by using the small pencil with one tip. I use a black and white paint for this painting, because I want to see the big white paint on the car, in the middle. That works as a texture. The whole thing is done with the pen. We are happy about everything that I do.

How to draw a sports car easy - Best car drawing - YouTube
Do you know what a racer is like? If I wanted to use an analogy, you know that when you drive a car that feels pretty good, it makes you want to go faster. When you start to push the car, I feel the feeling as a racer. So my driving style is one that, when you start to push your car, it makes you feel like you need to take less risk. As you push it, you feel the same. My driving style is racing, and therefore I am using my driving style in this painting. I like the idea of racing, and you can imagine that I am driving, that is, you know, my own car, but you can also picture that I am driving a car that is racing too. So my driver is the race

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How do you draw a race car? – Car Proportions
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