How do you draw a race car? – Car Perspective Png

Do you create all your vehicles (especially race cars) from start to finish? If so, how do you get the detail and detail work done?
Book review: Learning Curves - Car Body Design

Q: I’m a modeler who wants to work on an existing set. What are the basics of making an outline of the existing set so that I can start making the outlines for new vehicles? Is there a best method for this process?

Q: Why are there more detail elements (such as bumpers on a vehicle) on the side of a building than on its centre (the roof) on my current vehicle?

Q: So I’m looking to do a scene where the model appears to have been completely refitted on a previous model. How could I tell my model from an original copy of the model?

Q: Can you show some examples of the types of work done for cars by other professionals? How does an artist approach a situation where their work is not being used, while the model (or concept) or concept is being developed? What methods do they use to ensure their work appears as it should (no detail or errors left on the model)? What sorts of things do they think of as an artist doing the work?

Q: If we want to make an existing car from scratch, how can we make the details and work of the existing car work in our project?

Q: Could you show us a scene where the model I have made and the one I’m developing on the same model were to collide? Would it make use of the same detail assets on both models? Or is there a process that occurs?

Q: What’s the best way to get feedback on my work?

Q: So I’m starting a car project. My art is limited to the standard details of the car, to make any sort of realistic car it’s necessary to be creative, I want to make a car that looks like a Ferrari. Would you be able to give me some tips on how I can get from conception through to completion?

Q: Are you still using 2D or can you do 3D with the current iteration of WIP?

Q: Are there any other methods you offer that could help improve your work on a car that you are modelling?

Q: I’d like to see some of your older work in an open 3D studio. Have you ever done models in 2D and converted them into 3D?

Q: Have you ever used Photoshop or similar

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How do you draw a race car? – Car Perspective Png
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