How do you draw a Lamborghini? – Learn Car Designing

There are lots of ways, and not all of them work. The first is to look at it, and I do not think people are that clever in that aspect. Look at a few pictures, and then make your own judgment on which one is more convincing to yourself.

When you watch a movie, do you try to figure out where the character is going to go?

A lot of actors do this. You see some actors go into a room, stand up like they’re talking, and then go into another room. Others, they turn to their left and try to put the subject in his or her own frame in their mind. And a lot of times it’s an impossible task. But if you can get the actor in his or her own frame to start with, you can go right through and make them seem to be right down the line. It is a very different kind of thing than watching the movie and seeing a lot of moving pictures and hearing the words being spoken.

When you write scripts, do you consider what the audience would do with it, what could make it different from what it is right now?

It’s interesting to consider what the audience would do. You can imagine what the audience is thinking right now, but you can’t know. Some people would say, oh, no they wouldn’t, but I would say, I bet they would. We are human beings, so maybe they would be fascinated by it. I have never been a fan of books, because it is very, very difficult to try and write novels. I guess I am used to writing, but I didn’t enjoy it. I don’t like a lot of stuff, that’s why I don’t like to write. I feel like it is a difficult art form.

It sounds like you think of the characters in your plays as human beings.

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It was quite difficult for me to decide, because I know some very interesting people, and so it is a big question. But of course I do find the role intriguing to try to see myself in some of them.

How do you decide what to put in a play?

This is not the job of the playwright to decide what to put in it. The job of the playwright is to make it interesting to watch, but I cannot control that. I am not allowed to choose what I put on the screen, so the playwright is supposed to be a very generous man, and he decides who he puts on

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How do you draw a Lamborghini? – Learn Car Designing
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